Thanks for donations

A hearty thank you to all those who have donated recently ( as compensation for their unpaid use of Trumpet Winsock in the past. I will put the money to good use – it will enable me to work on projects that up till now I’ve had to fund out of my limited personal income as a sub-contracting software developer. Hopefully it will spur me on to produce something equally as useful as Trumpet Winsock was.

Update:  to date more than 300 donations have been received.  Also I have updated the front page on to the most recent news.  And….  we’ve been slashdotted.  see



  1. Paul Reece:

    Hi Peter,

    Saw the article on Slashdot so thought I’d post something here.

    Not sure what happened, but I thought Trumpet was making quite a bit of money during my time there? It certainly kept many people busy, processing registrations and the like. Sure it probably wasnt a large % of users, however, I’m not sure “Made Little Money” and “Very few people paid” is how it was seen at the time.

    Whilst I applaud those that donate because they failed to pay for the software in the past and their intentions are good, perhaps some clarification is wise?


  2. Rob Thomas:

    Thanks, Peter. Your software truly changed the world.

  3. peter:

    Hi Paul, great to hear from you after all these years.

    Yes, it’s true we weren’t poor at the time, but the reality is that it could never have grown beyond the size of a small-medium business. It went beyond break even for a short while in the earlier days, but was later drained by the ISP and propping up the US office beyond its use by date. I hope that I’ve made it clear that “I did alright out of it” at the time – I think I expressed this at least once in the Hacker News commentaries, and I certainly expressed it privately to Jacques before this all started. It may have seemed a lot to you at the time, but in the greater scheme of things we were really not that big at all. The OzEmail case was kind of an indicator – it was like David and Goliath – they were at least one or two orders of magnitude bigger than us and it cost us a lot more in relative terms to fight that battle than they. Had we been any smaller I probably couldn’t have afforded to fight it properly – they certainly thought they could treat us like a bug to be squished.

    I think what the true sentiment being expressed by this recent grass roots support is that most people at the time recognized that there was a huge discrepancy between the amount of use and what was actually collected in registrations, and those that can actually remember that just want to even up the balance a little. It is a measure of what “could have been”.

    Sadly, the Trumpet story is a long and complex one and some of it can’t be told in the public forum.

  4. Scott Sumner:

    Peter –

    Didn’t use it myself, but the company I was with did – so I am glad you are finally getting recognition. Cheers….


  5. Colin Rose:

    I know the original cost was $25 and that I only paid $5 a couple of decades late. I am going with the excuse that I am poor, downtrodden, and suffering. Thanks, for your work Peter. I don’t know if I was even aware that there was a cost involved at the time I installed it. BTW that’s my second excuse.

  6. Beau Kuiper:

    Started my TCP/IP adventure using Trumpet Winsock.

    Even got the high school I was studying at to buy a few copies, and used it to setup the first TCP/IP network there. (used ethernet packet drivers and trumpet winsock in windows 3.1, rather then dialup)

    Since I used it myself personally for a while without paying for it, I’ve pitched in a donation.

  7. Lo Yuk Fai:

    Just tried finding my registration letter to no avail, probably sent it to the landfill some years ago.

    Do you still have one or two? Helps to bring back the memory for us all…